Eating Healthy

Welcome to the East Renfrewshire Council school meals website!

On this website not only will you find out what is being served on any particular day at your school’s dining hall, but you’ll also be able to see nutritional, allergy and recipe information for all our main meals. We’ll also be updating the website with promotions and interesting facts about food, including some great recipes for you to try at home. At present we are showing the primary school menu and we will launch a brand new secondary school menu, so look out for that! Our new primary school meal menus offer a great range of healthy and nutritious foods. We believe that school meals are an important part of the daily activity within each school. Through our meal provision and this website we want to develop young people’s tastes and interest in food for the future. The Schools (Health Promotion and Nutrition) (Scotland) Act 2007 requires that all our menus are nutritionally balanced over a full week. All our dedicated staff are trained to understand the nutritional requirements and food safety systems but are also passionate about their customer needs and tastes. As you are our customers we want to hear your views. Please take some time to fill in the survey (click the link to take part) – it really will help us deliver a service that all our pupils will enjoy.   For more information on East Renfrewshire Council services visit