securedownloadYou can now pay for your child’s lunch online or by phone!good idea

East Renfrewshire’s innovative cashless catering system requires all pupils using the catering service to pre-load money on their secure account. The system allows parents to put spending limits on all pupil accounts, or error messages dictating pupil purchases.

Parents can now pay for their child’s school lunches by one of the following 3 methods

· Online payment system– you will require your child’s Scottish Candidate number (SCN). Please contact your school office if you do not know your child’s SCN number.

With online ‘Payments 4 schools’ service, you will be able to pay online via the council or your school website. Simply visit ERC’s or your school website and click on ‘Online Services’. The system will guide you through the payment process. All major credit card and debit cards are accepted, with the exception of American Express (AMEX) and Diners (DINE) cards.

NOTE: a 2% bank administration charge will be added to all payments made by credit card.

· Phone payment–payment via the phone entails the same process as above but customer services complete the online payment submission.
· Revaluation units – pupils can load their accounts in school via the revaluation machine by using their unique pin number.

Future developments will allow you to view your childs balance and purchase history on line . If you currently wish this information please contact your school office for direct contact numbers of catering manager