downloadEast Renfrewshire are in the process of attaining the Food for Life catering Mark. The Catering Mark is the Soil Association’s prestigious national food award, and the only UK-wide certification scheme that provides a guarantee that food is fresh, seasonal and better for animal welfare. Bronze, silver and gold tiers encourage caterers to make step-by-step progress towards using more local, free range, fair trade and organic ingredients to produce healthier menus.

By having the Catering Mark, it means that you can be sure that our:

  • Menus do not contain any undesirable additives, hydrogenated fats and GM ingredients
  • At least 75% of the dishes on the menu are freshly prepared
  • All the meat is traceable back to the farm, from animals that satisfy UK animal welfare standards
  • All eggs are from cage free hens
  • Endangered fish is not served
  • Meals are seasonal

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